Superprofit Forex Indicator for MT4

These indicators have been designed to run within your MetaTrader Platform (MT4) they have been tested and have proven to be effective 80% of the time.

They are good for:

Short-Selling and Buying
Long-Term Selling and Buying
Binary Options
Forex Buy – Sell Signals
Identify Pips before they happen + Signal Alert


Superprofit Indicator Screenshot
Superprofit Indicator Screenshot


Attach SuperProfit to your desired currency pair.
– Green Line: Uptrend Detected
– Red Line: Downtrend Detected

TimeFrame: 15M, 30M, 1H, D1, Weekly

Tips: The more time set the more accurate it gets. Ex. Daily and above.

Risk Disclosure:
Forex trading is high risk, we recommend to be patient on your trading, we are not responsible for any profits or losses! This robot was built to try and take some of the stress away, but it is not 100%. Please trade responsibly

Note: Please note these indicators are only for education purposes, be advised that the forex market is extremely high risk. We highly recommend to try these indicators in several demo accounts first, before applying them to a live account. Although they work and can produce good profits fairly quickly, Forex trading can also trip your entire equity just as fast. Please trade safely and gain as much practice and experience as possible before trading.